What is a furry?

On this page i gonna explain what exactly the furry fandom is.


The furry fandom is a fandom with people hat like anthropomorphic animals (e.g animals with human properties).

Most of these people have a so called fursona. A fursona is the character where people identify it self with. Well its their own character. It could be anything from a bird to a werewolf. Most of the time they have different colors like my fursona Ventus the Wolf since a fox/wolf isn’t yellow. And to get on with fox/wolf as i am furries like sometimes to cross breeds like what we see fox/wolf or it could be wolf/dragon fox/dragon you name it.

Furaffinity is the largest furry community on the whole internet. You’ll find the most furries here like me (see the links on the left) just have a look on here to get a first impression what furries are

We have also fursuiters.
A fursuit is a suit made out of fur. Including hand and feet paws a head and a tail. Or some people have only a partial fursuit which doesn’t contain a bodysuit. But don’t you worry because only 22% of all furries have a fursuit so the furry fandom inst only about fursuits
Fursuiters can be found at different conventions and fur-walks. Conventions are places where almost all furries come together (with or without a fursuit).

Fur-walks are walks that are being hold in some big cities. Those fur-walks are hold most of the time when there is some sort of event going on. So if you are want to see one wait when there is a event in a big city near you and keep your eyes open

Hope that informs you enough. If there is anything left out please let me know and i will add/fix it

And my english isn’t my first language

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