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Doing something for the dutchfurs (espacially from limburg)

Sorta constructing a website for our follow limburgers (a province in the south of the netherlands).

Already begun on a forum which is at the moment in a closed enviroment (only accessible on my local network sorry.)now the website and struggle #2

Drupal or WordPress.

I think it will become wordpress due to its simplicity and system.

You will hear from me when this project becomes reallity ^^

Two three things…
1. the main site is now powered by wordpress
2. The website is online for everybody now:
3. This website will take over anthrotalk

Instagram and snapchat

I wanna announce that i created a instagram account not to long ago.

I just saw that leon_the_fox was using it and i thought i will give it a shot to so my username is: ventusthewolf

Be sure to check out leon_the_fox too because he is very cute and adorable and is epic too with his other fursuit called sparky the wolf.

So feel free to follow me and be sure to follow leon_the_fox too.

And yes i mentions leon 3 times because its worth every bit.

Addidional i have snapchat my name there is connexxionbus

Update because i can

Hello everyone,

I didnt update thia site in a long time so i tought why not post one.

Well if you are following me on furaffinity you probally have seen that i attended a furwalk in the nice amersfoort. More of that on my FA page.

And yes i’m still searching for a fursuit. For a reasonable price though and preferrable in the netherlands or close to the border. Have a nice deal dont hesitate to contact me at

Furry Weekend Holland is a no go according to the situation now so sorry furs that are going. Maybe next time

Hope you got enough informed and see you at a next blogpost












-WANTED- Eurofurence lan yard

Hello everybody,

As you maybe have seen in the title of this post i’m searching for a eurofurence lanyard. So if you have two of them lying around and want to throw it away please send it to me because i want one so bad

Please note i’m unable to make money transfers so free will be nice.

If you have a spare one lying around dont hesitate to contact me at or

Hope i’ll get a message soon











Stolen fursuithead

EDIT 21:20 6-18-2014

The owner of the fursuithead got a call from the police:
Which actually means it is found.

Thanks for the support

I mentioned it on my FA before but i want to post it here as well. So maybe you have already red it but someones fursuithead is stolen.
The owner of the fursuit head is thatstuffinsidelavalamps and here is a picture as well:


So if you find his/her head whether it is on a online action site (ebay, amazonc etc.) or just someone wearing it at a con please inform the owner thatstuffinsidelavalamps by sending him/her a note on FA and inform the con staff (if it is on a convention) by showing this blogpost and this journal.

I’ve heard the police is already informed.

Anyway thanks in advance

Ventus the Wolf and thatstuffinsidelavalamps on FA


A new avvy

Thanks god someone was doing freebees. I got myself a furry avvy now i say check it out on FurAffinity (link on the left pane or at tbe bottom if you are on a phone/ipod)


Next step: refsheet


p.s i’m unable to pay online right now but i hope that changes in the future when i buy a 3V creditcard (saw my friend with one and those are damn nice)


Yeah dogecoins much awesomeness so nice.
If you have some spare dont hesitate to donate some to this innocent fox/wolf

my address: DG9SnmFpVAXF4tUutozBA28hMiQG5hc4DV