Stolen fursuithead

EDIT 21:20 6-18-2014

The owner of the fursuithead got a call from the police:
Which actually means it is found.

Thanks for the support

I mentioned it on my FA before but i want to post it here as well. So maybe you have already red it but someones fursuithead is stolen.
The owner of the fursuit head is thatstuffinsidelavalamps and here is a picture as well:


So if you find his/her head whether it is on a online action site (ebay, amazonc etc.) or just someone wearing it at a con please inform the owner thatstuffinsidelavalamps by sending him/her a note on FA and inform the con staff (if it is on a convention) by showing this blogpost and this journal.

I’ve heard the police is already informed.

Anyway thanks in advance

Ventus the Wolf and thatstuffinsidelavalamps on FA


A new avvy

Thanks god someone was doing freebees. I got myself a furry avvy now i say check it out on FurAffinity (link on the left pane or at tbe bottom if you are on a phone/ipod)


Next step: refsheet


p.s i’m unable to pay online right now but i hope that changes in the future when i buy a 3V creditcard (saw my friend with one and those are damn nice)